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What LiberalDad is all about...

SOMETHING'S gone awry with politics, not just in the UK but all over the world.


All of a sudden, the news is fake, experts are stupid, and everyone is shouting at each other.


Liberalism is on the backfoot, which is funny, because without it, many of us would be rotting away in gulags or concentration camps reminiscing about liberty.

As an -ism, it appeals because it is founded on rationality, open-mindedness and individual rights.

Through that prism, religion, rivalry, exceptionalism and partisan ideology necessarily take back seats.

Likewise on this site, which is a platform for political commentary of almost any stripe, so long as it is underpinned with some kind of integrity.


Lies, spin, nativism and bigotry are not welcome here.


Democracy, free speech and progressive ideas - the sort that move humanity forward - are where we're at.

For a deeper undertstanding of what gave rise to this site, check out the first entry here.

Submissions and commissions are welcome.


Contributions don't even have to be well written. We can take care of that.

Find Liberal Dad on Twitter @MikeWeirHere or Facebook @LiberalDadUK , or use the box below.

Otherwise, enjoy and share.

- Mike Weir, LiberalDad

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